The Eternal Truth Argument
For God's Existence

'Known to God from eternity are all His works.' - Acts 15:18

Premise 1. If truth has been known from eternity, then an eternal mind must exist.

a. Truth is only apprehended via a mind. Thus, where truth is known, a mind necessarily exists.

Premise 2. Truth has been known from eternity.

a. Truth could not have 'emerged' via an atheistic, evolutionary timeline. Because of the impossibility of the contrary, truth has been known from eternity: Knowledge of truth could not have had a finite beginning. Deductive reasoning (like this argument) demonstrates that no 'first truth' (like the conclusion of this argument) could have become known without knowledge of prior supporting truth (like the premises of this argument). But no truth exists prior to a 'first truth'. Any potential 'first truth' would be unknowable due to the fact that it would be predicated on absolutely no supporting truth, logic, or knowledge. And so, truth must be eternal, having always been known from eternity via a mind that knows all truth.

b. To claim that a 'first truth' could become known without knowledge of prior truth is an arbitrary appeal, making it irrational by definition. Any such assertion is itself a truth claim which is subject to this very argument.

c. If truth can be asserted without knowledge of prior truth, then the truth of this argument's conclusion can be asserted by the same standard (lest special pleading be committed), meaning the truth of the premises of this argument is irrelevant, which in turn means that the conclusion of this argument is true by default.

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Conclusion 3. Therefore, an eternal mind exists; a mind by which all truth has been known from eternity.

A mind that has known truth from eternity, and that has revealed a portion of this truth to mankind, describes the Biblical God:

Known to God from eternity are all His works. - Acts 15:18
Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life.' - John 14:6