Atheism Destroyed In 2 Minutes Flat


If truth, logic, and knowledge had a finite beginning, then all supposed "first knowledge" (and ultimately all knowledge in general) would have necessarily come from a lack of truth, logic, and knowledge. It would have been completely arbitrary - and therefore not knowledge at all. Intellectually speaking, any would-be decision making in such a scenario would have been no more reliable or meaningful than picking the decision out of a hat. Even relatively rudimentary things like building a fire require decision making. Thus, building a fire would have been a totally arbitrary process. Likewise, building a shelter would have been a matter of sheer "luck." What about advancements in survival like cooking, making hunting tools, and building more advanced shelters? ...Also pure luck. Humanity would not have advanced at all. Any supposedly evolved behaviors would have been purely reactive and mechanistic. I.e., the subject wouldn't actually know what he's doing. His actions would be arbitrary, as would any semblance of "thought."
And time plays no causal role here at all. This arbitrary existence would have continued to present day, because a lack of all truth, logic, and knowledge, can never lead to anything but arbitrary thought - if we can call it "thought" at all...

Think about it. Hypothetically, if you were able to erase all truth, logic, and knowledge from your mind right now, would you ever be able to come up with a statement (or thought) that you know to be true? Of course not. You'd have absolutely no logic or knowledge by which to claim that your statement is correct. You wouldn't even be aware of the concept of "correctness." You wouldn't question the validity of your statement, because you'd not be aware of any need to do so. You wouldn't be able to formulate a statement to begin with, because statements require knowledge of various concepts whereby a statement can be formed. The list goes on. What about observation and experience? ...If unaccompanied by truth, logic, and knowledge, observations and experiences are intellectually useless - purely mechanistic. E.g., a video camera "sees," but doesn't know what it's seeing because it does not possess truth, logic, or knowledge.

Atheists, this is your worldview...

Good luck with it.

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