The Absolute Standard

The major philosophical proofs against the atheistic worldview boil down to one simple question that atheists ultimately cannot provide a valid answer to:
"What is your STANDARD of valid knowledge (about x)?"
Or broken down:
What is your standard of valid logic and reasoning?
What is your standard of truth and certainty?
What is your standard of what is good and just (moral)?
What is your standard of what is evil and unjust (immoral)?
For example:
Atheist: I know that 2 rocks plus 2 rocks equals 4 rocks.
Theist: Why? By what standard do you know that your reasoning is a valid means of determining what is true?

Atheist: Because my observations match reality, because I apply my senses, because I use logic, etc.
Theist: Well, to know that your observation matches reality requires logical reasoning. To know that what you interpret via your senses is valid also requires logical reasoning. So again, what standard indicates that your logic is valid?
Atheist: I know that my logic is valid because I think about what I've observed.
Theist: So you know that your logic is valid because your logic is valid? That's a viciously circular argument, no offense.
Atheist: Reality itself indicates that my conclusions are true!
Theist: So those 4 rocks from your example indicate that your reasoning about them is valid?
Atheist: Bingo!
Theist: So your standard of logic is a rock?
Atheist: No! Strawman!

Theist: Well, that's actually what you just indicated.
Atheist: I know my conclusions about reality are true because many other people come to the same conclusion!!
Thiest: So your standard is a majority of people - meaning your standard is an ad populum fallacy?
Atheist: No! Strawman!
Theist: Once again, that's what you just indicated.

(...So on and so forth.)
"97%" would not exist as a valid and meaningful concept without "100%" as the absolute standard (in context), just as concepts such as logic, truth, and morality would not exist without an absolute standard.
Christians have the answer for the source/identity of "the absolute standard."
Atheists do not. The Bible indicates that God is the source of all truth, wisdom, knowledge, justice, and more. In other words, God is the absolute standard.
Because they have no viable absolute standard, atheists who are actually consistent with their own worldview must ultimately reject all claims to "true" knowledge.

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