Logical Proof Of The Human Soul

Aristotle realized that our minds function according to a certain set of "laws." We can't escape these laws; we CAN'T think around them or outside of them. They are boundaries, if you will, of how we think.

The law of non contradiction, for example, says that a thing cannot both exist and not exist at the same time and in the same way. Our minds function according to this law.

Therfore, we cannot imagine something being both true and false at the same time and in the same way. It is not possible for our minds to imagine a square circle, for instance. Our mental image either flips to a square, or to a circle.

Now, is it contradictory to imagine an out of body experience where your conscious mind is floating above your physical body - while you think about your material brain and body?

...No problem, right? There is no contradiction in the mind, so it's very easy to imagine.

But now, attempt to imagine that your material brain is floating OUTSIDE of your material brain - while you think about the material brain STILL INSIDE your body...

Just like trying to imagine a square circle, it's impossible! Your mind will resort to imagining a SECOND or DUPLICATE brain in an attempt to picture this scenario - which is not the same thing. Your brain cannot exist in your body, while not existing in your body (so as to exist outside of your body) at the same time - you only have one brain!

So why is it that we can EASILY imagine the immaterial mind and soul (consciousness) outside of the body, while it's impossible to imagine a "thinking material brain" inside our body and not inside our body at the same time?

The answer is because we have a mind and soul - a counsciousness - that exists APART from our material bodies! ...And we have an innate sense of this; an inbuilt self awareness that enables us to think about one scenario that clicks in the MIND, while the materialistic scenario simply does not register.

Thus, the law of non contradiction proves that we have a mind/consciousness/soul that exists apart from the body!

The Soul Proof Syllogism

1. We CANNOT imagine thinking ABOUT our own material brain, WITH our own brain, from OUTSIDE of our own brain. We can't imagine it because it's a contradictory thought.

- Our thoughts and imaginations are "bound and limited" by the law of non contradiction. We can't imagine (conceptualize) contradictions like square circles. (Go ahead and try it!)

2. We CAN imagine thinking about our material brain while outside of brain and body - but with an immaterial "soulish" mind or consciousness. There is no contradiction in imagining this.

3. Therefore, we have a mind/consciousness/soul apart from our material brain, that enables us to imagine thinking about our material brain while outside of brain and body.

To Reiterate...

If consciousness and self awareness were actually part of the physical brain, meaning integrated into the physical brain, we should not be able to imagine our identities - our conscious selves - existing apart from physical brain and body.

Why? ...Because doing so would violate universal non contradictory thought processes (i.e., the law of non contradiction). We're not able to imagine a car both in the garage and not in the garage at the same time and in the same way. When we attempt to do so, our minds default to imagining two separate cars instead of one. (Try imagining a square circle as another example.)

In the same way, if our identities were "one with the physical," to imagine "self outside of self" would be impossible - like imagining a car in the garage while not in the garage. Again, we wouldn't be able to do it as it would violate non contradiction.

But of course, we can imagine our selves outside of our physical brains with absolutely no problem, which proves that "we" are different and separate from physical brain and body - being that the law of non contradiction is NOT violated!

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