Self Evident Truth - Another Deathblow To Atheism

"We hold these truths to be self evident..."

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and other prominent men behind the Declaration of Independence, recognized that TRUTH is self evident.

Truth is not an invention of man. Nobody came up with the "novel idea" that we should start referring to statements as either true or false. If this were the case, we could simply CHANGE our definitions and axioms of truth and decide that 1+1=3... The problem is that we'd know better!

So how did awareness of truth originate?

The Christian worldview is that we are created in the image and likeness of God, which includes an innate awareness of truth and falsehood.

But others claim that evolutionary processes provide the explanation.

So let's examine each of these claims, starting with evolution...

Obviously at some point in the mythical evolutionary timeline, truth would not have existed in the minds of "men." So what happened between the time when man had ZERO awareness of truth (where truth did not exist), to the time when he supposedly evolved an awareness of truth? ...What happened at "x"?

Chemicals have no mind. No intelligence. No emotion. No consciousness... So how did mindless chemicals essentially "ARRANGE THEMSELVES" via totally unguided evolutionary processes to become "AWARE OF THEMSELVES"?...

Sound like absolute nonsense? Well it gets worse...

Stop here and consider that random mutation, which affects amino acid sequences that code for proteins, is the claimed mechanism that creates biological "parts" (or "raw materials") - which are then "selected for" if they offer a fitness benefit to an organism at the phenotype level...

In other words, evolutionists would have you believe that AWARENESS OF TRUTH was/is nothing more than a MINDLESS process (random mutation)!

...And the same holds true of logic.

Just think... The VITAL tools that enable us to reason, formulate conclusions, and ultimately amass storehouses and databases of valid knowledge, are considered products of utter mindlessness according to evolution!

Quite LITERALLY we are talking about a mindless event becoming aware of itself! But again, how is this possible? How could mutations do this?

...Science has no answer! We have NEVER observed such a thing happening. To suggest that awareness of truth is the result of unguided processes is PURE conjecture.

Logically, it ONLY makes sense to conclude that truth, being the product of MIND in as far as we have ALWAYS observed in ALL possible scenarios, came from INTELLIGENCE...

Based on what we OBSERVE, we have 100% inference that truth comes from "MIND," which is a direct hit/match with the Christian worldview!

The Catch-22 Of Truth!

Here's another of the numerous problems with the "evolutionary explanation for existence of truth":

In order to recognize that something is true, we need to have a pre-existing awareness of truth!

For example, would you be able to recognize that the following conclusion is true (assuming the premises are true), if you didn't ALREADY have awareness of truth?...

Premise 1: All men are mortal.
Premise 2: Socrates is a man.
Conclusion: Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

...Of course not! How would you know that the above conclusion is true, without even knowing what you're LOOKING for (i.e., without having any awareness of what "truth" is)? You simply wouldn't.

So it's the ultimate catch-22. Truth requires truth. Without a pre-existing awareness of truth, we have no means by which to become aware of truth!

The first "man" to ever become aware of truth, would have REQUIRED truth to become aware of it!

Based on ALL that we know, there is no way to recognize truth, without truth existing PRIOR...

And this leads us to the reasoned conclusion that truth must have existed OUTSIDE of the mind of man (virtuous circularity), while still existing in *a* mind - being that truth is conceptual...

Once again we arrive at a direct hit/match with the Christian worldview, which says that truth originates from the mind of God!

So how do atheists deny this argument?

They (often) call truth an invention of man, which is simply a fallacious argument; each of us KNOWS that this is a fallacious argument...

Because truth is SELF EVIDENT.

"We hold these truths to be self evident..."

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