The Silver Bullet - Reloaded

Dear friend,

Can Darwinian evolution explain the unchanging logic underlying our thought processes, and our universal awareness of truth?

To answer this question, let's first consider the brain itself. If Darwinian evolution is true, then of course logic and truth are "products" of the the material brain. In other words, logical thought processes must come from the brain. And awareness of truth must come from the brain.

And if logic and truth are unchanging and universal, it stands to reason that the very mechanism which produces them - the brain - must also be immune to change. But as can easily be demonstrated, this is simply not the case.

Consider the following ways that our brains, along with the way that we think, vary from person to person...

1. There are brain differences between races and genders (note that several of these may somewhat overlap as they're taken from different sources)...

- Cranial Capacity / Brain Size
- Emotional Intelligence
- Hemisphere Differences
- Communication Skill

- Intelligence Quotient
- Math Processing
- Spatial Ability

- Cautiousness
- Aggressiveness

- Cortical Neurons
- Social Behavior
- Language
- Hormones
- Impulsivity
- Stress
- Etc.

2. There are different types of "thinkers"...

- Creative Thinkers
- Analytical Thinkers
- Visionary Thinkers
- Intuitive Thinkers
- Etc.

3. Human beings have...

- Different Personalities
- Different Interests
- Different Tastes
- Different Hobbies
- Different Talents
- Different Beliefs
- Different Fears
- Etc.

4. The human brain is in a constant state of change throughout life! It obviously grows from birth, it develops during our teenage years. Changes occur as a twenty-something adult on through middle age, and so on. Neural connections in the brain are always changing.

5. Thinking changes as a result of what we eat - i.e., our nutrition!

6. Finally, scientists recognize that our brains are changing over time as a result of random mutation. However, the very mechanism that secularists claim "created" the biological parts that govern our thought processes according to evolution myth, is actually causing long term damage. Modern studies show that overall, these mutations are deleterious - meaning they're slowly doing damage to body and brain over time...

"It seems clear that for the past few centuries harmful mutations
have been accumulating." -James Crow

Logic and Truth : Evolution Killers

Through all of the demonstrable change to the material brain, logic and truth (products of the mind)
remain unchanging and universal. Logic and truth are absolute! The proof of this need not be demonstrated by myself or anyone else. Rather, the proof exists within your own mind...

We all have awareness of things that are logical and true where there is zero room for an alternative "true" answer to be perceived by the mind of another person -
such as the fact that 1+1=2 (a mathematical truth).

This is not to say that all truths are known (as that would refer to "omniscience"), but that there are indeed universal truths as determined by unchanging logic.

As the material brain goes "up and down and in all directions" in respect to changes and differences across humanity, perception of logic and truth remain entirely immune to change...

Abstract equations such as 1+1=2 are true...

- In the mind of a child.
- In the mind of an adult.
- In the case of somebody arguing otherwise (we "know that we know" they're wrong).
- In the furthest reaches of the universe.
- Millions of years from now.
- Etc.

If logic and truth were not unchanging and universal, we as human beings wouldn't have the ability to gain valid knowledge; one man's perception of knowledge would be another man's falsehood... Imagine the chaos in such a world! Science would simply be impossible!

So the big question is this:

How can CHANGING brains account for UNCHANGING logic and truth?

...They can't!

1. We've already seen that the brain is in a constant state of flux - changing drastically from one person to another, from child to adult, between genders, etc. But we know that logic and truth transcend this change. Our minds "testify" to the fact that 1+1=2 could not have been "false" in the mind of a supposed ancient ancestor (even with a radically different brain), just as we're aware that it will remain true into the infinite future. We also know that if an individual with a damaged brain concludes that 1+1=3, their statement is false despite what their brain indicates... Transcendent truth.

2. To become aware that something is logical and true, awareness of logic and truth is a prerequisite. I.e., logic and truth must already exist. This is similar to how we would be unable to recognize that something is morally good or evil, without a prior innate awareness and knowledge of good and evil itself. From this, we can infer that before mankind was able to conclude for the first time ever that "x" is logical and true, logic and truth already existed. It could not have evolved. (The same holds true of morality!)

3. Logic and truth are unchanging and universal. They're not merely an idea that one man came up with and then spread through the population, as this again would mean that one man's "logic and truth" is as good as another man's contradictory concept of logic and truth. Logic and truth were therefore unchanging and universal from the very outset - or they wouldn't be what we know to be logic and truth. How could these unchanging, universal concepts "spring into existence" as a result of CHANGE? ...To propose that something immune to change resulted from change is a clear contradiction.

4. 1+1=2 is either true or false. There is no "in between" when it comes to that which is true. It's on or off; true or false. If evolution were true and not obvious myth, then the basis - the very foundation - of all logic and truth must be a random mutation that occurred in the brain. In other words, the standard must be an amino acid sequence... But what kind of absolute standard for truth and logic is that? Are we really to believe that logic and truth are based on nothing more than amino acids that have changed, and that could change again at any given moment? To propose that something absolute resulted from something highly volatile is a clear contradiction. We know that no matter what amino acid sequence changes might occur to alter our physical brains, truth itself remains unchanged.

5. From what we know and observe of chemicals, it is utterly absurd to think that a chain of amino acids not only became aware of "its" own existence, but further became aware that its existence is "true" and not "false."

The Transcendent Mind

The human mind confirms when conclusions, answers, solutions, etc., are logical and true; we simply "know that we know" when certain things are true or false.

And this remains the case whether dealing with physical reality, or abstract/conceptual matters... We know that if we throw a rock in the air it will fall to the ground provided gravity holds, just as we know that if A=B and B=C, then A=C.

...But by what unchanging, universal standard is the human mind able to confirm logic and truth?

Reality is not the standard; reality cannot confirm things for our minds. Have you ever had a vegetable solve an equation or logic puzzle for you? Didn't think so. To "confirm" (or "conclude") is a verb; an action. Clearly, our minds confirm things about reality and not the other way around.

Now... Because we've demonsrated that truth and logic cannot be the result of evolved, material brains, and because we know that human beings are far from perfect, the only rational explanation for unchanging, universal logic and truth...

Is an unchanging, universal MIND. A perfect, absolute mind. The very mind of God, who the Bible reveals created us in His image and likeness.

"Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them." -Proverbs 4:5

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