Question Evolution Day!

Evolution theory was not born out of following the evidence. Rather, it was championed by those with a personal agenda that directly opposed Biblical truth... They knew that in order to reject creationism, something must fill the gap, no matter how poor the fit. Over time, and with no shortage of politics and money, evolution became the "filler of choice."

But to the dismay of atheists and secularists worldwide, technology has exposed evolution as the epitomy of "square peg, round hole." If evolution was stupid then (and indeed it was), it's exceedingly stupid now in light of advances in genetics and other modern sciences...

1. If you have never questioned evolution, now is the time - to start asking questions!

2. If you have questioned evolution but aren't sure where you stand, now is the time - to decide!

3. If you have questioned evolution and realize that people are being lied to, now is the time - to support Question Evolution Day!

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