Atheists Have No Evidence

Popular YouTube atheist AronRa is an apistevist who denies that he has faith (in anything). He claims to know all things by way of evidence...

AronRa defines 'faith' as: Belief without evidence.

'Evidence' is defined as: The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

'Fact' is defined as: Truth known by actual experience or observation.

By definition, evidence is based on fact.

In an atheistic (or Darwinian) timeline, there was necessarily a time when facts and information did not exist. Thus, there was a time when no evidence existed.

At some point in this postulated timeline, let's imagine that man learned his 'first fact'...

This first fact could not have been based on antecedent facts, as it was the first conception of its kind.

Thus, this first fact could not have been based on reason, because reasoning is grounded in various facts and truths.

Furthermore, this first fact could not have been based on evidence, because evidence necessitates the existence of prior facts.

And therefore, this first fact would not have been fact at all, as it would have been a conclusion derived apart from all reason and evidence; it would have been an arbitrary belief without evidence, which AronRa calls 'faith'.

How would man have moved past this 'first faith' and on to viable evidence based on reasoned facts?

It would seem clear that there is no conceivable way to do so, as all 'first facts' would in actuality be convictions held by faith (by AronRa's definition).

AronRa not only has faith as he defines it; that's all that he has.

In the Biblical worldview, this dilemma is easily resolved. God created mankind in his image and bestowed him with knowledge upon breathing life into him.

The atheist cannot rationally deny the Biblical worldview, because they possess no rationale by which to deny it. They have only their arbitrary convictions, as demonstrated.

(Note: AronRa's concept of faith is not the Biblical concept of faith, as Christians are told to 'test everything' per 1 Thessalonians 5:21.)

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