Proof Of God Via The Laws Of Physics

Famous Russian physicist Alexander Vilenkin indicates that the laws of physics came before the universe, to enable the universe. Similarly, Stephen Hawking indicates that "because of gravity" the universe can exist.

...Thus, (even the) maintream secular experts argue that the universe is enabled by the laws of physics. And from here it follows:
P1. If the laws of physics are conceptual, then they come from a mind.
P2. The laws of physics are conceptual.
i. Law: a statement of fact, deduced from observation, to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.
C3. Therefore, the laws of physics come from a mind.
Note: From purely a human perspective, the laws of physics are descriptive, hence the definition given. But from a theistic perspective they are (also) prescriptive in that matter and energy "follow" the laws of physics. (This is why Vilenkin states that the laws of physics must have existed prior to the universe, thereby enabling the universe.) The important point is that in both cases, the laws of physics are conceptual and therefore a product of the mind that brought the universe into existence!

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