Intelligent Selection

A question for atheists and evolutionists to consider...
Is natural selection smarter than you are?
Even our most intelligent engineers and scientists cannot yet design and build robots that can replicate the highly advanced balance and mobility that humans have (for example).

One might argue that natural selection cannot be compared to intelligence, and that's true... We aren't mindless!  We have the clear advantage of being able to "intelligently select" what software and components we apply to the invention of a machine, whether biological or robotic. Furthermore, we have the advantage of choosing from "raw materials" that are intelligently designed, vs. raw materials that are purely the result of genetic mistakes (random mutation). And yet despite these enormous advantages, we cannot create machines that even come close to rivaling the sophistication of the human body.
One might also argue that (supposed) millions or billions of years "enabled" natural selection to assemble such incredibly sophisticated biological machines. However, our engineers and scientists don't have the limitation of having to wait for organisms to cycle through countless generations and populations, in order to select the right "building plans and parts". As intelligent human beings with modern technology, we have all building plans and parts and capabilities available to us now.
Mindless selection has zero advantage, while intelligent selection has every advantage...

So how is it that natural selection supposedly builds the superior machine (according to evolution theory)?

...Such a notion is beyond ridiculous.

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