The God Of Math

“How is it possible that mathematics, a product of human thought that is independent of experience, fits so excellently the objects of physical reality?” - Albert Einstein

Did you know that the existence of electromagnetic (radio) waves was "proved" using mathematical equations, years before we were able to physically demonstrate their existence?...
What discoveries like this reveal (and there are plenty of them) is that mathematics not only describes the universe -- the universe "obeys" mathematics. If this weren't the case, it would be impossible to accurately predict and describe things in the real world long before they're ever observed.

For those who claim that math is merely an invention of mankind used to describe things, the claim fails on the basis that it doesn't explain how we are able to discover things with math. Yes, math follows from the physical world in that we are able to mathematically describe things that we're already aware of and able to observe. But the physical world also follows from math in respect to discovery...

The perfect example of mathematical discovery is again Maxwell's use of abstract equations to show that there "ought to be" radio waves... Decades passed before radio waves were then "physically discovered" by a physicist named Heinrich
...So how is this possible?
Imagine sitting at your desk pouring over equations, and within those numbers and symbols coming upon a discovery about the real world -- a discovery that nobody would "observe" for another 20 years! Amazing.
We know that mathematics is conceptual; a product of "mind." You'll never find the equation 1+1=2 under a rock, for example. So again, how is it possible that the universe adheres to something that is a product of the mind -- even to the extent that the unknown world can be explored and revealed through numbers?
Atheists have no valid answer. But the inseparable bond between mathematics and the physical world makes perfect sense to Christians, who rightly believe that God (mind) created a universe that follows precise physical laws...
Christians hold the logical explanation for a mathematical universe!

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