Do Freethinkers Exist?

A "freethinker" is defined as a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason independent of authority or tradition...

Independent of authority, huh? Based on this definition, freethinkers do not exist in civilized society, and perhaps not at all...

Firstly, we all follow a spiritual authority; either a good authority or an evil one. The person who rejects God reasons and formulates conclusions (and opinions) based on that rejection.

Secondly, we reason according to manmade authority. I reason that I shouldn't speed, in part because it's against the law. This is one of endless examples.

...Perhaps so-called freethinkers hide out in caves? But those of us who live in the civilized world reason under and/or according to governmental authority, civil authority, etc.

Furthermore, with rare exception, those who call themselves freethinkers readily submit to scientific authority. In fact, if they're not doing so, they're NOT engaged in "freethought" as herein described:

"Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds opinions should be formed on the basis of logic, reason and empiricism and not authority." (

...How can one formulate opinions and conclusions based on empiricism, without viewing science as authoritative? It seems clear that freethought is a self refuting philosophy on this basis alone.

It is also quite clear that if a person desires to be a legitimate freethinker, they should consider a move to a remote village in the Amazon Jungle!...

Then, they'll simply have to figure out how to escape spiritual authority, and they'll be all set!

With all of that said, freethinkers do in fact exist...

We call them monkeys. ;)

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