"The Atheist's 'Science' Vs. The Theist's Science!"

Top 10 Things We NEVER Observe (The Atheist's Science):

1. Nothingness causing something.

2. Life from no life whatsoever.

3. Intelligence from non intelligence.

4. Truth from no truth at all.

5. Logic from no logic whatsoever.

6. Knowledge from no knowledge whatsoever.

7. Complex code from mindlessness.

8. Language learned from no language.

9. Laws of physics from chaos.

10. Morals from no moral awareness.

Top 10 Things We ALWAYS Observe (The Theist's Science):

1. Something causing something.

2. Life only from life.

3. Intelligence from intelligence.

4. Truth from truth.

5. Logic and reasoning from logic and reasoning.

6. Knowledge from knowledge.

7. Complex code from minds.

8. Language learned from language.

9. Laws of physics unchanging.

10. Morals from moral awareness.

....Which view best matches your life experience?

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