The Amazing Shape!

Considering the fact that there are programs called "genetic algorithms," which emulate claimed evolutionary mechanisms such as random mutation and natural selection...'d think that programmers, engineers, and scientists could upload just such an algorithm to a supercomputer, and that the computer could then be "left alone" to generate some absolutely INCREDIBLE machines. After all, the same mechanisms supposedly created the human brain. And a computer doesn't have to wait for generations to pass!

So where's all the cool stuff?
With this in mind, I recently asked an atheist-physicist who works with computer models to provide me with the "most impressive thing he's seen" produced with the aid of genetic algorithms... And his response?...
BEHOLD, the "evolved" antenna shape:
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...A shape?! This is the best they have to offer, again considering the same process being modeled is claimed responsible for the STAGGERING sophistication of the human body and brain?

Where are the space shuttles, and bridges, and robots, and computers, and other comparable machines all designed FROM THE GROUND UP (to match biological evolution) with genetic algorithms and zero human input?
Not only is the evolved antenna shape incredibly underwhelming; engineers have a MAJOR advantage over would-be "real" evolutionary processes. They use genetic algorithms with an END GOAL in mind, and therefore special parameters are included in the code. Otherwise, there's no telling what gibberish the code would spit out!
Another fail for the doctrine of evolution.

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